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At VER we believe in the importance of architectural representation for the presentation of projects, so we have facilities and trained personnel to share our knowledge in visualization.


The course is composed of the following blocks:

Modeling in 3D (4Hrs)

The architectural project that will be worked on throughout the course will be completely modeled.

Basic tools and setups (4 hours)

The necessary tools to understand the interface were explained, the parameters were configured and explained
general for a good rendering quality.

Cameras, Materials and lighting (4hrs)

You will see a detail of the cameras and their parameters, the different ways to illuminate and their parameters.

Blocks, Vegetation and output parameters (4hrs)

The processes for the important blocks will be explained, different techniques will be seen to generate vegetated spaces
As well as the parameters to render in high quality.

Subsequent publication (4 hours)

The render will be generated with filters, adjustments, assemblies and final details.


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