You don’t have a 3D model

But you have your architectural project with detailed plans, sections, levels, elevations and any other information that can help us better understand your project.

You have a 3D model

Make sure it is in RVT, DWG, SKP, FBX or 3DS format. In case your model is damaged or incomplete, an additional charge will be charged per hour of work.

We accept any platform for sending information, for example, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, Dropbox and Mega.


You can review the final model of your project, in this way, we can make corrections before moving on to the next stage.


Let us know

We need to know how many images you need, what kind of Render (Day, night, exterior, interior, conceptual) and what view (Bird’s eye view, user’s view). By framing we refer to the positioning of the camera in your 3D model, the more specific you are, the better we will understand what you need.

Size and quality

If you need a specific size and quality, let us know at this stage.


We will send you preliminary images, with a watermark, so you can review them.



You can send us a document with the texture references you need and how they should appear in your project. It is very helpful if you can add exact pictures of each texture, so we can give you a better idea of what you are looking for.


We will give you a basic image of how, the lighting and the textures, shine. In this stage you can point out the observations you see in the image.


We will give you an authentic work with excellent quality.